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Understand your business

Yes, we'll find out what you do, who you work for and who works for you. We'll research your market place and your competition. But let's be honest - anyone can do this.

Work with Palmer Hargreaves and we'll work out what your business is really about. Problems. Issues. Opportunities. What gets in the way of you doing what you really want to do. How your departments, regions or countries work together. How they don't. The more complex it is, the more we like it. We'll make connections, we'll give you that all-important insight. And it's only once we've got this that we'll move on to the next stage.

Think like your customers

Not what we think they think. What they really think. Which could mean listening to what people are saying about your business or your products on web forums. Or talking to them face-to-face at trade shows, in their workplace, in your outlets.

When we know what customers think and how they behave, we consider how and where we talk to them. Which isn't always in the most obvious way or the most obvious places. Who'd have thought cattle farmers in England spend more time on farming forums than they do at cattle shows? Or that some people who buy outdoor clothing don't actually spend that much time outdoors?

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