Digital Service Record

Digital Service Record

More and more vehicle manufacturers are replacing the old paper-based ‘Service Book’ with an online service history or ‘Digital Service Record’. This opens up significant opportunities for aftersales marketing and Palmer Hargreaves is at the forefront of global DSR development.

The benefits of DSR

If you want to know more about DSR, contact our Project Director Ben Wibbe

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Our dsr track record

We’ve worked on Digital Service Record for Mazda & Jaguar Land Rover, conducting feasibility studies, developing business processes, system design and in-market implementation. We were a key partner in the development & implementation of the Mazda Digital Service record which was the first system in Europe when it launched in 2005. We partner with systems & software provider Cognitran to offer a turnkey solution to developing, implementing and running DSR.

  • Land Rover
  • Jaguar
  • Mazda

PH has worked closely with Mazda and Jaguar Land Rover in developing their online service history systems.

What do we do?

  • Feasibility study and business case
  • Process analysis
  • Functional and non functional specification
  • DSR system development
    • Screen navigation design
    • Data input audit mechanisms
    • User entry error rule parameters and alert functions
    • Service History printout content
    • Report content and layouts
    • Full development system cycle testing
    • On-going user enhancement proposal development and subsequent testing
  • Integration of DSR system into existing client systems
    • Integration into Service Portal
    • Integration into other core systems (eg CRM & Warranty)
  • Communications materials:
    • User guide (NSC, Dealer, IMT, third party etc.)
    • B2B communication
    • B2C communication (including customer facing DSR websites)
  • ‘Event Driven’ service reminder programmes
  • DSR training activity, change and stakeholder management programmes

If you want to know more about DSR, contact our Project Director Ben Wibbe

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  • What do we do?

    • When a vehicle changes owner, DSR captures details of the all–important second owner, unlike a paper-based system. To access his car’s service record, the new customer must register online - giving the potential to market to the new owner & retain the vehicle in the network
    • Research shows that when customers recognise that the VM knows their vehicle’s service history, they are less likely to ignore service reminders
    • DSR delivers accurate & timely Service Reminders, Missed Service Reminders and Extended Service Reminders
    • DSR reduces wasteful marketing through accurate customer targeting & improves effectiveness of event-driven CSI activity
    • DSR helps to sell the next vehicle to the service customer. Service history, annual mileage and dealer visit cycle can be used to feed sales leads
  • What are the benefits to dealers?

    • Marketing expenditure is maximised through more cost effective customer targeting
    • DSR identifies the customer’s next visit to the dealer; flagging a sales opportunity
    • DSR shows where vehicles are being serviced, including outside of the network. It spots which IMTs are carrying out significant volumes of service work, identifying them as candidates for additional parts sales
  • Which data is tracked in DSR?

    • DSR normally tracks: Scheduled Services, PDI & preparation for sales, speedometer changes and related scheduled maintenance (oil & filter, spark plugs, cam belts etc.)
    • DSR recognises different service schedules for different markets – arduous, cold climate, poor fuel quality, dusty etc
    • DSR displays the basic vehicle configuration, Vehicle Registration number, Owners and Subsequent owners
  • Which systems does DSR interface with?

    DSR interfaces with dealer database, vehicle database, service schedule database and customer database. It can also link to Service Booking systems, Menu Pricing, Dealer Management systems and Vehicle Health Check.

  • Will Independent Motor Traders use DSR?

    • Non-franchised workshops must be provided with access to DSR under Commission Regulation (EC) No 692/2008
  • Which internal departments benefit from access to DSR?

    • DSR can support Vehicle Sales & Used Car Valuation
    • Warranty teams can use DSR to validate claims based on service history
    • Aftersales can use DSR to monitor vehicle parc, analyse service loyalty, check dealer conformance to DSR dealer standards, extract data for event driven CSI and identify significant competitive IMT operators
  • How do drivers access DSR?

    • It is up to the VM how the system is specified;
    • Typically customers have the option of receiving an official print-out of the vehicle's service history, covering when and where it has been maintained.
    • If specified by the VM, customers can access DSR via a dedicated owner section on the internet or using a Smartphone App
  • If you want to know more about DSR, contact our Project Director Ben Wibbe

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