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Март 2011

A passport to greater insight

At PH one of our specialities is multi-language and multi-market communications. Three years ago, before the global economic crisis, we developed communications for 66 markets around the world in many languages and for many different cultures. Often these were significantly adapted from the central campaign to suit the tastes or preferences of the local markets.

One of the effects of the crisis was that, with smaller budgets, multi-national clients needed the cost efficiency of greater consistency and less adaptation. This in turn, meant that local markets had less opportunity to change things than they had in the past.

As part of these often difficult conversations we moved the focus of the market's input from 'I don't like it' to 'it won't work in my market because...'

If you're having this kind of conversation, in our experience there is no substitute to having them face-to-face. Time and again, when we visit markets we have learned something or gained some insight that would not have come to light during a conference call. Like the time when we realised that the client's objection to direct mail actually had nothing to do with the creative under discussion, his market had no reliable postal infrastructure. Or the time when we were debating the effectiveness of vehicle service reminders (a fundamental of aftersales marketing) when it became clear that culturally, nobody in that market believed in the need to service cars, even cars that cost $100,000 and spent their life in 40° temperatures.

Regularly visiting key markets is part of life at PH: this week we have people meeting clients in Moscow and next week a team flies to Dubai. On face value it can look expensive but nine times out of ten it's excellent value for money.

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