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Февраль 2011

Social Media; who should be in charge?

This recent article from online community Econsultancy explores the debate behind who is best to drive a brand's social media strategy & output - should it be the client themselves, or an agency? The author falls firmly on the side of the client and you can read why, here. We are not so sure and here's why;

  1. The economic downturn led to a downsizing in many marketing teams, so there are less people doing more work. And in our experience, marketing staff turnover is as high as it's ever been. Marketing people move on pretty fast, it's a fact of life. So agencies are often an important 'constant' in the lives of their clients and therefore there's a great deal of knowledge vested in them. And with social media, brand knowledge is key. So with this in mind, who would you put in the social media chair - the client with 3 month's experience or the agency with 3 years?
  2. There's an argument that only clients have the intrinsic speed of response required to deal effectively with social media. Not so, in our opinion. We know of several clients who happily outsource their social media to agencies, where really effective prediction, planning and training means that for 99% of the time, the agency knows the kind of issues that are likely to arise in the social media space and just how to respond.

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