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Март 2011

Veterinary Marketing Awards

The case of the highly successful campaign.

We love it when a campaign really takes off, and our 'crime scene' creative work for Merial's Eprinex has done just that. It's just picked up two prestigious Veterinary Marketing Awards - the Detail Aid Award and Point of Sale Award. And on 11th March 2011, at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, we had the great honour of going to collect them.

The Eprinex campaign was created to raise awareness of the importance of worming adult dairy cattle, and not let gutworms 'steal' milk. A serious message that demanded serious attention from our creative teams, who came up with a campaign that could talk directly to a wide variety of audiences, in a wide variety of channels.

Firstly, the Case File Detailer provided vets with a detailed guide to gutworm and treatment with Eprinex. It received really strong feedback from Merial Territory Managers and customers alike, and the Detail Aid Award was the perfect confirmation that we'd created an impactful and user-friendly guide that stood out in what is often a fairly 'dry' communications sector.

Case File Detailer

And as we all know, customer engagement is vital to the success of any campaign - so we came up with a point of sale idea with a difference. Merial distributors, otherwise know as SQPs (Suitably Qualified Persons), were provided with a CSI-themed pack from which to create their POS displays.

Inside each pack was a disposable camera with which the SQPs could photograph their efforts and enter a competition - the most imaginative display would win £500 worth of High Street vouchers. All entries were then loaded onto the Eprinex microsite and we picked a lucky winner.

The results were fantastic. 'Inspired' creations included fake cows, noodles (yes, noodles) and boiler suits. The campaign had captured the imagination and achieved strong buy-in from distributors - going to show that when a campaign thought is accessible and speaks in the right tone, there's no stopping its impact.

Point of Sale

Good insight, hard work and great creative thinking. It's no mystery as to why the Eprinex Campaign is such a success.

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