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Июль 2012


Motivate staff, build brand understanding, improve training, deploy marketing planning, grow residual knowledge and exceed sales expectations - with one single word.

And that word is Gamification. Still not something often heard in the B2B marketing space, or in 'serious' business where finance and numbers are the order of the day. But Gamification can certainly deliver the numbers, which is why it is proving a game changer in the business world.

Quite simply, Gamification is the practice of applying gaming mechanics to non-game contexts. So where business processes and training are getting 'tired', Gamification  applies 'fun' to engage employees and drive business goals forward. Gamification is proving to have much higher levels of engagement than many of its poorer cousins, like the tired old incentive programme, and as evidenced by one of Palmer Hargreaves' recent projects, it's extremely cost effective.

We called that project 'The Great Race'. Our global automotive client was increasingly concerned about declining sales of their vehicle accessories via their dealer networks in some important global regions. Not only did dealer staff have little incentive to sell accessories, they'd had no formal training in how, no plan in place to develop detailed product knowledge and lacked even the basic marketing expertise to prompt customers to ask about the products. Engagement and interest levels were at an all time low.

Using a simple & cost effective online car racing game, dealers & their staff were encouraged to 'game' their way through training modules, implement marketing plans and build customer marketing strategy. Every action completed successfully (and evidenced as such) moved them further in the game. Gamification relies heavily on our intrinsic desire to win and what makes winning even better is letting everyone know we've won. The mechanics of the programme pitted dealer against dealer and the real time visibility of awards, leader boards and ultimately the winner of the race was clear for all to see.

The biggest winner however, was the wider accessories business. The client saw increased staff engagement, increased team knowledge, new plans in place to deliver marketing activity and most importantly a massive increase in accessory sales, not just in one country but in eight. Gamification delivered incremental sales over original forecasted budgets of up to 60% and a return on investment of £18 for every £1 spent.

Gamification has a massive remit. Anywhere there are staff, intermediaries or partners in your sales & distribution channels who should engage with your brand and drive your business forward; the principle can be applied. Email our UK Managing Director, Nikki Watts to find out more nwatts@palmerhargreaves.com

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