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Июнь 2012

Marketing to women. Why do 91% of women think that advertisers don’t understand them*?

As the old saying goes, men are from Mars, women are from Venus. But when 85% of consumer products are bought by women*, is it time marketers took a trip to Venus?

Having products that are designed for women and relevant to their needs is of course the first step, but in our work with several of the UK's leading brands, we've learned that how brands connect & communicate with women is just as important.

It's about subtle connections, not clever campaigns. It's gaining insight into the issues women care about and putting your focus there.

Mars Vs Venus. What have we learned?

  1. Men love 'tech', even when they don't understand it. But if women don't understand your technology, you've lost them.
  2. Men love lots of features. Women want the benefits explained to them.
  3. Women love products from brands that can demonstrate they've thought carefully about how women use them. Little touches go a long way.
  4. Life stage is more important than age. A 38 year old singleton is very different to a 38 year old Mum with two kids
  5. Women are 'Enthusiasts'. Get your communication right and they will love you for it and spread the word
  6. Women know when they're being patronised!

What have we done?

We have helped several brands apply this thinking to their campaigns. Check out our work for Berghaus /work/berghaus-womens-range-campaign and Range Rover Evoque /work/range-rover-evoque-pre-launch-and-launch-materials


*source: Women of Tomorrow: A study of women around the world. Neilsen. June 2011.

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