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Январь 2013

Social Media. Can it work in the B2B space?

We hear it a lot; "Social media doesn't work for B2B" or, "My B2B customers don't use social media". Is that correct, or is social media overlooked as a valuable B2B marketing tool?

Firstly; are B2B customers interacting in the social media space? It seems that they are - of all adults that use the internet, 90% use social media in some way. So unless the remaining 10% account for the entire B2B population (unlikely!) then B2B customers are surely there. For huge chunks of the globe, LinkedIn is becoming the 'go to' site for pure B2B social media activity and there's been a concurrent rise in the use of Twitter, blogging & email marketing. It's a simple truism of selling that the more 'touch points' a prospect interacts with, the more chance there is of converting their interest to a sale. And social media = multiple touch points!

Secondly, Google now takes social media seriously. If you want your website to be up there at the top of the search rankings, then nowadays you need 'social content'. That means your website can no longer just be a static 'digital brochure' that's never updated or changed. It needs to have content that's continually refreshed and enhanced by links to your activity in the social space; your Tweets, blogs, LinkedIn posts & so on. Watch out for more on this subject soon in an upcoming PH blog post.

Finally, social media channels give brands an easy way to target specific industry forums, groups and circles that exist online, building relationships with prospects. Done successfully, you can speak directly to them on a group or even a personal level. How often does this happen when you advertise in a magazine or even on your own website?  You can answer questions, talk about news & industry issues and so position your brand as an authority & build trust.

So at PH we believe that to ignore social media even in a B2B space is no longer an option.


Ben Atkins - Digital Manager, Palmer Hargreaves


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