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Январь 2013

5 ways to market 'low interest' products

5 ways to make low interest products interesting

Not every marketer is fortunate enough to work on sexy FMCG products! At Palmer Hargreaves we work for a number of clients in what we might describe as 'low interest' categories. Here are our top five tips for marketing low interest products.

1. Know what your customers want

What makes them tick? How can your product solve their needs? Who has bought the product in the past and why? Look at customer feedback to understand what they see as the true benefits.

2. Borrow relevance

Think a little broader than the core features of your product to make it relevant and interesting. American insurance provider AllState provides motorcycle safety tips and classes. And Dove, a fairly standard personal care brand, achieved global respect for its Campaign for Real Beauty campaign by linking its products to a broader topic close to most women's hearts.

3. Have fun

Don't let the category fool you into thinking you can't have fun. Blendtec's 'Will it Blend' viral campaign helped bring about a 700% increase in sales.

4. Find an emotional connection

Look beyond the technical features of your product to focus on the end benefit and find a way to forge a meaningful, emotional connection with your target audience. Aga don't tell Brits, who already love the brand, about the core benefits of an Aga oven; their marketing shows happy families baking in beautiful country kitchens. And Kleenex warmed the hearts of a nation with their 'Let it out' campaign, showing people mopping away their tears of joy and sadness with their tissues.

5. People like people

It's not always possible, but introducing a human element can bring success. UPS achieved hundreds of thousands of Facebook likes for a campaign about their drivers, spreading the brand name far and wide as well as building an emotional connection.

Finally, what have we done here at Palmer Hargreaves?

We found a creative way to communicate the benefits of Continental tyres to drivers worried about winter driving.

And to understand the true benefit of Volkswagen Group Leasing, we looked beyond the finance offers to focus on how they make day-to-day life easier.

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