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Март 2013

Social Media in B2B: 8 Mistakes to Avoid

Starting off in social media isn't hard, but it's easy to make mistakes which will mean your efforts won't drive the connections and conversions you are looking for. Here are the eight common errors we see companies make when devising and executing their social media strategies.

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1.  Selecting the incorrect channels.

Different audiences expect different conversations. There is no point in putting the same post on Twitter and Google + as you do on Facebook. Deciding on which channels to go on relies on a number of factors. Where are your customers? Where are your industry leaders? Where are your competitors being successful? Where are there opportunities? All these questions help you shape your social media offering and ensure that your channels are utilised to their fullest potential - so match the right channel to the right content.

2. Ignoring Social Media if you can't see much happening.

Has a colleague ever told you; "No one is talking about us on Facebook and Twitter, so we don't need to worry"? Rather than this being a problem, it can highlight a real opportunity to be proactive and generate dialogue. Don't do nothing! (Sorry about the double negative). It's time to dive in and create the most compelling content you can!

3. Posting for the sake of it.

If all you care about is 'volume', posting twice, three times a day without engaging or interacting you will fail. Yes your posts need to happen and need to be driven by content that will encourage the customers to respond and share. But you need to take your time to talk to the customers that are there. Answer their questions and build trust and integrity with them.

4. Just giving up

Don't dabble in social media and expect instant success. Build a community of customers over time. Continually share knowledge and insight with them - which will then in turn lead to valuable conversions.

5. Being run of the mill.

Don't just set up the 'official' Social Media channels and assume people will come. It won't happen. Be different and be compelling - or be lost in the vast amount of other companies doing the same as you.

6. Ignoring what your competitors are doing

You can't stick your head in the sand and think what you are doing is 100% correct first time. You need to research; check what your competitors are doing and check what other companies outside of your sector are doing well which are transferable. Always stay on the front foot.

7. Not creating content that people want to share

Don't think that because you've created what you see as great content people, will immediately share it. When people share content they want to look good and to impress their own community. Therefore give them content that makes them look good and raises their profile as well as yours.

8. Not planning

Plan, plan, plan. Don't just set up official channels for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+. Think about how each works in combination with all your other marketing channels and ensure you have a strategy on what you want to achieve and have clear goals set out. But don't be afraid to evolve this strategy. Social media is changing all the time and you need to move with it.

If you need any help in shaping your social media strategy don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Palmer Hargreaves - we can help you pick the right channels and the right content.


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