AGA Product Brochure - European Launch

The Challenge
Aga is a well known and well loved brand within its home market of the UK. However, the challenges Aga faced when launching the products in Europe were very different. Aga is unknown, and the concept of the Aga products is very new to European consumers. Aga needed to raise awareness of the brand and the benefits of its products, as well as justifying the premium price point.

The Connection
Partnering with some well known and relevant consumer stores, Aga sell their products from small concessions within these large stores. Some consumers had already shown interest and given their data for follow-up contact. An engaging email direct mail was developed to communicate with these warm potential customers, and to give them more information. In addition to this, a new brochure was developed, to reflect the differing needs of the European consumers and to integrate the new ‘Total Control’ products, whose increased temperature and time control made the products much more relevant to the European consumers.

The Results
A sussessful launch in 5 new markets in Europe.

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