Bayer Cropscience Betanal maxxPro Launch

The Betanal brand was launched in 1968. It revolutionised sugar beet production and since then, a steady stream of innovations has underlined the Betanal claim to be always ‘one step ahead’ in sugar beet weed control.

In 2011, Bayer was looking to establish a new benchmark in the sector with the launch of the next generation in the Betanal family: Betanal maxxPro. With changes to the British Sugar quota system, maximising yields became a key driver. Bayer had an opportunity to launch a premium herbicide that would help deliver improved yield to farmers and ROI to the business.

Betanal maxxPro contained new technology, which delivered yet more superior weed control. With a premium price to justify, we needed a brand positioning which conveyed the ‘killer’ benefits. Our communications had to point towards quality and efficiency – which PH delivered by using a high impact visual depicting the new technology front and centre and through an integrated media plan with extensive use of digital media.

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