Bayer Cropscience Mobile Apps

Bayer customers are given product, weed and pest manuals by distributors. However, the hard copy product manuals are impractical, expensive, cannot be updated easily and Bayer themselves had no way of knowing how many of the manuals made it to the customer.

Palmer Hargreaves developed and implemented a mobile platform to replace the guides and maximised impact by launching at the Cereals 2012 Event. The apps also include client-driven CMS, which means that any updates are instant.

Bayer can now monitor this via number of downloads rather than risking boxes of product guides being left in a warehouse. The apps were downloaded over 3600 times in the first month and achieved 5/5 reviews on the app store.

Click below to download the apps:

Bayer product manual
Bayer weed spotter
Bayer pest spotter

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